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Service Offerings

Dishwasher Servicing

24/7 Property Maintenance Services


Quick Owner Payouts

Shaking Hands

High Quality Customer Service

Donation Jar

Reasonable Pricing

Our experienced team can provide everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs at the lowest possible cost.

No need to wait until the end of the month to receive your distributions.  We will process your payout soon after the tenant pays rent.

Owner and client customer service is very important for successful property management.  It’s one thing to get a solid tenant through marketing and screening, and another to keep that tenant through customer service and communication.

Are you tired of being nickeled and dimed? We have a simple, upfront and clear pricing structure so there will be no hidden and excessive charges.

Showing an Apartment

Rent Collection


Diligent Screening

For Lease Sign

Aggressive Marketing

Showing an Apartment

Coordinate Tenant Move-in

We utilize a software with many features making it easy for a tenant to pay rent online, put in work orders and communicate any concerns.

We will utilize an in depth screening process of the potential tenant's credit, employment, rental and criminal history to ensure we have a well qualified tenant.

We have developed an aggressive marketing plan that produces results in order to rent your property in the shortest time frame possible with the highest monthly rent.

We will collect any prorated rent, the first month's rent and security deposit, provide keys and prepare all lease agreements. We protect you from disagreements regarding move-in condition by taking pictures and documenting the properties condition before the tenant moves in.


Periodic Inspections

Sign the Lease

Lease Renewals

Financial Report

Monthly financial reports

Analyzing the data

Property Rental Analysis

We believe that it is very important to conduct periodic inspections to ensure that the tenant is taking care of the landscaping and home.

With careful screening and high quality customer service, the goal is to have retained a great tenant that will treat the property as their own and continue with a lease renewal.

Our high tech software makes it easy for us to get your monthly statements, yearly tax documents and other needed reports to you in a timely manner, while also being clear and easy to read.

We will provide a detailed property and market analysis in order to set a rental rate that is competitive while providing you with the maximum ROI.

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Eviction Process

In the rare event of having to evict a tenant, we understand New Mexico’s landlord tenant laws and the courts process.

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